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Coaching and Mentoring for Teams

Coaching is such a valuable service. Why not spread it around? With Workshops, Team Coaching and Mentoring there are cost effective ways to accelerate the multiplying effect of coaching throughout your organisation.


“To have a great idea, have a lot of them”

Thomas Edison

Stronger Together

Successful organisations are more than a group of talented and determined individuals. Shared vision, values and a balance of co-operation and competition magnify the effectiveness of teams. We can help you promote alignment, motivation and develop your own organisations’s culture.

A one-off workshop can give impetus to a newly formed team or one planning a project. Longer term team coaching supports the development of a team through its forming, storming norming and performing stages. Internal Mentoring supports talent development and offers senior management insights into their own leadership style and the experiences of younger generations.


You want to make the most of the know-how in your organisation? Mentoring is a great way to transmit skills, know-how and culture through key levels of the organisation. Creative Vectors Coaching helps you set up your mentoring programme, including the process to identify aims, skills and processes. We can help you provide leaders with the unique skills they need for meaningful mentoring conversations by in-company or virtual training, supervision or continuing professional development.

Team Coaching

A strong team delivers more than the sum of its parts, but creating, building and motivating a team is one of the biggest challenges of leadership. Using group observation, team workshops and one-to-one coaching, Team Coaching helps you forge the team you want and get the results you’re aiming for.

Workshop Facilitation

A workshop is a great way to bring people together to achieve alignment and engagement. However, it’s difficult for a leader to manage the process and at the same time contribute fully to the content of the workshop. Creative Vectors Coaching helps you before, during and after the workshop to get the results you want

Before: We help you to plan, communicate and prepare

During: We help you manage the process, monitor group dynamics and release the group’s creativity

After: We help you record results, get commitment to act and determine follow-up activities.


new ICF credential announced

new ICF credential announced

I’m feeling delighted and honoured to have achieved the Master Certified Coach (MCC) credential by the International Coaching Federation. Coaching is a growing industry with an estimated 110,000 practitioners worldwide. In February 2023, the ICF announced that it had...

Congratulations! Linda Spencer PCC

Congratulations! Linda Spencer PCC

Guest blog by Tina Smith, Enhanced Relocation: Arrive and thrive! I’m excited to announce that Linda Spencer, my Co-founder at Enhanced Relocation has recently been awarded Professional Certified Coach (PCC) status by the International Coach Federation...

Use of Psychometrics in Coaching

Use of Psychometrics in Coaching

I am now offering Quintax Personality Profiling in my coaching work. Why use psychometrics? I believe that understanding yourself is a fundamental first step in personal and professional development. Once you understand yourself and "where you're at," you can start to...