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I’m feeling delighted and honoured to have achieved the Master Certified Coach (MCC) credential by the International Coaching Federation.

Coaching is a growing industry with an estimated 110,000 practitioners worldwide. In February 2023, the ICF announced that it had passed the milestone of having more than 50,000 credential holders in more than 80 countries, supporting its claim to be the foremost global professional body in this profession. Coaches win their credential through a rigorous process, including formal education, logging accumulated experience, and tests of theoretical knowledge and practical application. 3 levels of credential are offered: Associate Certified Coach (ACC) Professional Certified Coach (PCC) and their highest level, Master Certified Coach (MCC). I’m delighted this week to become one of the 90 MCC coaches currently based in the United Kingdom.

This is not an end but a happy milestone on the road to being and becoming the coach I aspire to be. My philosophy is that coaching helps you see more, be more and do more and that goes as much for me as for my clients.