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You are passionate about learning, development, mastery and results. You want a critical thinking partner, with real operational business background and up to the minute knowledge about personal development, who can provide the right support, right now.

Creative Vectors Coaching offers a tailored service that meets your needs, with empathy, support and rigour.


“Take the first step in faith. You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.”

Martin Luther King Jr.


I founded Creative Vectors Coaching to harness the ART of skills and knowledge won from lengthy management experience with the SCIENCE of personal development. I hold an M.A. in Coaching and Mentoring from Oxford Brookes University and am accredited by the International Coach Federation, being one of around 90 coaches in the UK holding their highest accreditation Master Certified Coach.

I have twenty years’ operational leadership experience culminating in nine years in senior procurement roles at BMW’s Headquarters in Germany. On the way, I picked up fluent German and a feeling for working in a new culture. Negotiating multi-million deals internationally, managing cross-cultural and multi-location teams and leading through times of crisis and plenty honed my commercial skills. Breaking through the glass ceiling, flourishing as an ex-pat and juggling career and motherhood fuelled my interest in the unique paths we all follow to be the best we can be.

Coaching with me is a bit like setting out on a hiking expedition with a trusted companion. There will be time to take a good look and reflect on what’s going on within yourself and the world around you. I’m there to make the space for you to explore and help to point out some things you hadn’t seen before. Finding new perspectives gives you the chance to make new connections, recognise strengths and challenges and see what’s missing. On the way, there might be some valuable skills, models or philosophies in my backpack that could be useful. I will help you understand yourself better, decide what you want and what you are going to do to realise your plans, and then I’ll help you stay focused while you make change happen. It’s your expedition, you select your target destination and it’s my aim to help you make the most of the distance.

Thank you for your interest in Creative Vectors Coaching. I look forward to helping you find your very own Creative Vector. Contact us by phone or e-mail for a no-obligation discussion of your needs.

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Creative Vectors coaching can call on a range of skilled coaches, trainers and psychometric testers as required to deliver development programmes tailored precisely to your needs.

Linda’s coaching is a good balance between listening, questioning and suggesting areas / themes to explore. As with all coaching, you get out the most when you put in – I found Linda to be an excellent and open catalyst for my own thinking and reflection, with structured guidance and ultimately outcomes for me that were valuable and tangible.

Guy Peyton

Head of Software Engineering Shared Services & Global Capability Transformation, Vodafone

Highly recommend Linda’s coaching sessions. I have enjoyed the thought provoking questions, and the value of a ‘safe space’ to work through the answers. Linda has an encouraging approach but with a challenging humour, which I have appreciated. Thank you also for the new ‘tools’ I have in my kit bag for future reference.

Jenny Frank

Distribution Lead, Contat Centre Premier and International, HSBC UK

Linda has been an incredible support throughout the Female Talent Sponsorship Programme. It’s one thing to be championed by senior leadership and another one to be accompanied on your very own leadership journey by Linda. The last 12 months of coaching taught me a lot and I grew as a person. Thanks a lot, Linda, for being a great companion, listening, reflecting and helping me to make sense! Seen my path a lot clearer now and I can’t wait to take it further.

Lisa Frommhold

Head of Strategy, Toma Recycling

I didn’t realise I needed a career coach until I met Linda. She shared her wisdom and used various techniques that have helped me grow both personally and professionally. Linda drew out what I really love about what I do and why. Linda’s professionalism gently guided me along a journey that has given me clarity on what is important to me and I now understand my value to an employer. I can happily say that I have a new exciting role starting soon. I wouldn’t have expected this outcome before my sessions with Linda. 

Tracey Allen

Creative Thinker and Design Strategist, Transform