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Coaching Across Cultures

Globalisation entails a rise in the requirement for cross-cultural cooperation. Cultures vary across companies, disciplines and individuals as well as countries, so any encounter will bring a rich mixture of these.

We help you navigate the complexities of cross-cultural work and maximise the advantages of diversity.


“People all have one thing in common: they are all different”

Robert Zend

Clever Cross Culture Co-Operation

When you are working with someone from outside your own departmental, company or national culture, it can be hard to recognise your own unconscious biases. Working with an external coach is a great way to make the unseen and unacknowledged visible.

Early recognition of potential mismatches of working stye and expectations allows costly problems to be avoided and opportunities to maximise the competitive advantages of working together to be realised.


Cross–Cultural working occurs at many levels. Do you have any of these?

  • Parent Company
  • Subsidiary Company
  • Partner Companies
  • Critical Suppliers
  • Critical Customers
  • Government Relations
  • Ex-Pat Colleagues
  • Families Accompanying Ex-pats

Exploring Differences

Cross-Cultural Coaching will help you increase self-awareness of your own culture and its impact on others, and develop your ability to recognise cultural differences in others. Factors include:

  • Concepts of time and deadlines
  • Conventions in written, verbal and visual communication
  • Treatment of professional and private-life boundaries
  • Uses and abuses of humour and taboos

Informed Choice

Cross-Cultural training can bring you a lot of information about the country and culture you are interested in. The unique contribution of coaching?

  • Focussed attention on the personalities you are interacting with
  • Working with you to develop your own personal range of appropriate behaviours
  • Most crucially, helping you to decide where to “fit in” and where to “stand out”